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1  If you could have a different role what would it be?

Paul – The Wizard because it’s such a good character but Jeremy plays it so well so I’m looking forward to seeing that.

Steve – The Lion because it’s such a funny character.

Jane – Wicked witch (if it had a singing role!) as it shows a different side to other roles I’ve played such as Grace in Annie last year. It would be good to show my evil side!

Ashton – Glinda as she’s such a nice character.

Simon – I would like to play the Lion or the Witch? But so glad we found much better people to play them.


2 Why did you choose WOZ?

Simon – It was difficult to find a production that had both adult and children’s roles. We liked the moral of WOZ. It is a great story and the ending ‘To find your heart’s desire look no further than your own back yard.’ is great.


3 How many shows have you done?

Paul-Only Annie as an adult which I really enjoyed though I did do some as a teenager. I really enjoyed Annie so I can’t wait to do WOZ.

Steve – It's my 2nd musical but I’ve done 24 pantos on and off stage or producing.

Jane – 2nd musical but appeared on stage lots of times in a rock band and dancing too so used to it.

Ashton – I've done a lot of dance shows and pantos and Annie and Oliver. This will be my biggest speaking role so far.

Simon – This is my 30th musical. My first role was the Artful dodger when I was 12.

4 What is your favourite show that you have been in?

Simon – Oliver as I loved playing the Artful Dodger and Fagin.

Jane – Annie because I loved playing Grace. It felt like the part was written for me. Such a kind character it was a dream come true.

Ashton – pantomime with all my friends.

Steve – Annie as it just brought everyone together, children adults, backstage.

Paul – Oliver as a youngster although I had a small part. I also loved doing panto recently it was a great laugh. Annie was the best though as I loved the people in it and have made friends for life.


5 What is your favourite character in WOZ?

Paul – Apart from the tin-man obviously 😊 The Lion because it’s such a humorous character and you can’t help but smile when he’s on stage.

Steve – The lion. Comedy character who’s larger than life.

Ashton- The wicked witch because she’s so evil and Toto!

Simon – Tree 3 played by Karen Peck (my wife😉) Don’t tell the other trees!! Also, the scarecrow because of the physicality of the part played brilliantly by Jasper.

Jane – Dorothy because she loses herself in a dreamworld and wears glittery shoes!


6 What is your favourite musical?

Simon – Les Miserables because I really like the music.

Jane – Chicago I would love to do.

Ashton – 42nd St because I love tap and Six because it has great songs.

Steve- Oliver as the character of Bill Sykes is the best villain.

Paul – Les Mis, Oliver with Fagin being my dream part.


7 How long have you been choreographing?

Vicky – I've been coming up with ideas since we thought of the show last year and I’m planning in a different way because of lockdown.


8 Has it been easy picking up steps online?

Simon – I've been blocking scenes online with varying degrees of success.

Vicky – It seems to be going very well so far.

Paul – I have watched a lot of the dancing and it all looks amazing.

9 What is your favourite song in WOZ?

Simon – Merry Ole Land of Oz because I sing it!

Paul – If I only had a heart because I love singing it and Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Jane - Somewhere Over the Rainbow from when I was 4 years old. I like all variations.

Ashton - Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Steve - Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It’s a bit like ‘Tomorrow’ in Annie it has a good message of hope and like Simon said happiness is found at home.


10 As there was a cheese club in Annie, do you think there should be one in WOZ?

Unanimous thumbs up!

And would you join?

All – Yes 😉

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